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03-17-2006, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Khelvan
This is not a case of a mediocre player clicking with Joe Thornton. Cheechoo is a great scorer in his own right, and is one of those player who will score goals no matter who he plays with. This was shaping up to be a career year for him even before Thornton arrived.

There have been times when the Sharks played badly even with JT around, and lineup changes were made (Wilson juggles lines regularly), and Cheechoo was still scoring without JT. Not quite as fast, but he's got very soft hands, a nose for the net, and is going to get goals no matter who he plays with. The two have clicked, but don't sell Cheechoo short. He is not a product of playing with JT, which is an argument one could make about Murray.
I can't agree with that. Cheechoo's a good player...but he has that exact same pattern as many good players have had. Playing with certain players make them appear better than they actually are....

ex: Gagne, Forsberg.....Gagne's a 90 point guy (if he wasn't injury prone) with Forsberg and a 65 point guy w/o him.
another ex: Glen Murray, Thornton...Murrays a 95 point guy with Thornton and a 65 point guy w/o him
yet another ex: Milan Hejduk, Forsberg....Hejduks a 50 goal guy, 98 point guy with Forsberg and w/o is currently on pace for 27 goals and 62 points.
also 2003-2004 he had an okay year with 75 points....well guess who only played 39 games...Forsberg
and let me not even speak about Mike Knuble who's had the pleasure to play with both Thornton and Forsberg...

With all this I think that Cheechoo is good, but probably a 60ish point guy without the allstar playmaker.

before the thornton trade Cheechoo average .6 ppgs now with thornton 1.35.....
coincidence...I think not.

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