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04-30-2012, 11:36 AM
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Personally, I think it's time to split up Weber and Suter. While they have played together for the most part over the last bunch of years, it's time for them to be on the ice all the time, ala Neidermayer and Pronger during the Ducks Cup run. They each need to eat up 30 minutes with whoever Trotz wants them to be on the ice with. At all times, one of them is out there. That way we are assured that one of them is out against the Hanzal line. Barry, these two are your stud horses back there, play them as such. Give Klein and Josi 20 minutes a piece, Josi with Weber and Klein with Suter, give Gill and the Cube the other 10 minutes with Cube with Weber and Gill with Suter. Give the two big guys all the PP time and use them on the PK as much as they can stand with Gill and Klein getting the bulk of the rest of the time.

You want your best players on the ice as much as possible in the playoffs. Time for Weber and Suter both to elevate their games and lead this team. It's about time for Weber to put his purse down and use his size to the team advantage. This no hitting crap needs to stop. You're 6'4" and 230 lbs., use it. Crush someone and put the momentum back in our corner.

The three forwards need to play D, not just watch the action. Pick up your man and stay on them. If you don't, you sit.

Fisher's line needs to be broken up. Time to put Marty back with Legwand and use Radulov on the wing. Hopefully they can catch fire like the old 9-10-11 line. Put Fisher between the K brothers. Put Bourque back with Spaling and get Tootoo back on the ice with them. Have Hornqvist on a line with Gaustad and Wilson as well. If nothing else it would give Trotz options if he doesn't like what he sees on the top two lines. Heck, put Halischuk out there instead of Wilson.

This team needs a wake up call and a back to the basics approach of Predators hockey.

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