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04-30-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
The principle is good, the execution is not. Scouts are competing with 29 other teams to find the best players. It's like fishing in a well-stocked but overfished pond. Some teams have found success by going to the hinterlands where no one else is looking. Things like Swiss goalies for a time. Danish skaters. Everybody and their brother has poured over the OHL and knows every single skater in that league; the chance of finding a surprise there late is almost non-existent. What is more ironic is that some of the very best are coming from nowhere rather than the hotbeds of hockey. New Jersey, Nova Scotia, a little religious school in Minnesota.

The issue of competing with 29 also means that to be on top the team has to be special and not follow the herd or count on luck. They can't do what everyone else is doing to be #1. When general aphorisms around drafting are trotted out by the org as a reason for this or that, it tells me that they aren't in it to win. They are just trying to stay even with the pack.
how much emphasis is put on finding a player that can be molded to fit the sharks play? instead of finding a pre-built star, you find the late pick that you can work with to make great?

does our development consist of ECHL/AHL/NHL or do we have guys on staff specifically for the younger kids to get the ready etc?

it seems that we rely on the college development a lot, since we rarely get high picks anymore and we probably send out scouts to monitor late round picks to see whos worth what in the organizations eyes...but i could be wrong.

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