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04-30-2012, 12:07 PM
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#1. I would say that have you and your son get comfortable working on your edges; I mean a huge chunk of time is spent skating in a game and very little when it comes to stickhandling and shooting. Here's a link for a DVD set that has a lot of drills for anyone that is looking to improve:

#2. With stick and puck it would be good to work on shooting, stickhandling, passing while keeping your head up. Perhaps buy a few of those weighted pucks ( which can help with stickhandling and shooting (I would not recommend slap shots; mostly wrist shots).

#3. For dryland training I'd either get a skill board to practice shooting and stickhandling (, or perhaps a green biscuit ( for stickhandling/passing drills on standard pavement. Going to the gym is great, but make sure that you do some plyometrics to work on your core and to get more flexibility in your hips. Also work on the treadmill/stationary bike on speed burst drills to help mimic a typical shift on the ice (where your heart rate goes from low to high in a short period of time).

Hopefully this helps! Forgot to mention, but that is an awesome video of your son!!!

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