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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
1922: The WCHL and PCHA were separate and the PCHA still looks to have been the stronger league based on the names in it. The Regina Capitals (WCHL) and Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA) had a "semifinal" in which the winner went on to play Toronto.

1923 & 1924: The WCHL and PCHA played an interlocking schedule but were separate leagues. Our perception would probably tend to be that the PCHA was stronger, except that the WCHL had a winning record in the inter-league games over the course of these two seasons. These are the years you are asking about. In both years, the NHL and PCHA champions faced off to determine who got to face the WCHL champ. I have no idea why this way was chosen. I think they could have just has easily done it the other way. So to answer your questions, no, it doesn't mean much, as the WCHL champ didn't have to beat anyone to get to the final.

1925 & 1926: The PCHA disbanded and its players scattered, mostly to the WCHL. This league was now as strong as the NHL, perhaps stronger. Its champion faced the NHL's champion for the cup. (in 1926 it was just called the WHL, dropping the C)
Thanks, it's something that I never really have had the chance to research all that much myself. Definitely would make for a nice side-project for this summer once (if) I get the time to do so.

And yeah, that really doesn't make sense for 1923 & 1924. Not the PCHA vs WCHL record itself but the NHL vs PCHA to play the WCHL champion for the Cup. I can definitely see myself using a bit of Sturm's information that he digs up to see what sense I can make of that.

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