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04-30-2012, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Brian Fogarty View Post
Bjugstad has said he'll make his decision after finals (mid-May) regarding whether he stays at UM another year or not. Howden will be pro next season, no question, but whether it's in San Antonio or south Florida, I don't know. McFarland is tricky. He missed the last half of the season with a shoulder injury, but I doubt the Panthers will return him to Ottawa for an overage year. He'll very likely be in San Antonio. Donskoi (as mentioned by others above) will definitely be in Europe next season.

Still, San Antonio should be an incredibly fun team to watch next season. Markstrom will be gone so goaltending may be a question, but they'll have some serious speed and talent up front and a full year of Petrovic will have opponents freaking out when they try to enter the SA zone.

It's a good time to be a Rampage fan.
Is it guranteed that Markstrom will be NHL bound? I am unaware of the decisions regarding Theo and Clemm, and whether the organisation deems Markstrom ready. I'd still prefer Markstrom in the AHL over being the backup at this point. Despite his prodigeous early career, Markstrom is still only 22 ; younger than many of the other percieved high end young Goalies who have also yet to make the NHL as a starter.

Howden will surely have his chance to make the team, and i'd expect him to be somewhat productive in the AHL from the get-go, although how productive is always difficult to tell. Bjugstad, likewise. McFarland could well end up in the ECHL next year at some point. It's very difficult to project how he will handle the transition. Wilson, Jenks are recent examples of players with similar or better stat lines and percieved two way and physical ability, yet have struggled immensely. The Pro transition is icnredibly hard for most prospects.

Donskoi should stay in Europe. The AHL is not the place for him to develop. He still needs to develop his abilities into production, and the AHL should never be used as such for European prospects in my opinion. Not unless they have sufficient NA experience already (I.E CHL)

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