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04-30-2012, 01:17 PM
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First off... did none of you get the HFB memo? It has been clearly established that there is no such thing as being clutch.

Briere cannot play an elevated game for the entire season... for the simple fact that it would not be elevated play by definition alone.

Briere for some reason can reach back and elevate his game in important situations (... I know... call me Mr. Obvious haha) and he will most always be out there late in games where a goal is needed... he won't always get one, but I have noticed the opportunities being there and he helps give them the chance to get that goal -- how many times have we cursed the near misses and his blowing the tying goal? -- In the PostSeason, as in the late stages of RegularSeason close games, Danny elevates his game in key situations, IMO, and not throughout the entire game... It is just that there are more key situations and they are remembered more often and he is called on more often... and, again IMO, he ratchets it up an even higher notch... elevate it up another level... Add to that that many of his teammates also elevate their games -- those that can, anyway -- and help him. Add to that that the opposition are focused on the top line, and if they concentrate on Danny, Giroux has an easier road to hoe.

I know it is not an answer but, some players just have it in them to rise to the occasion... and while they do not always succeed, they give it a much better go than most others. Please note how many times players like Briere and Pronger find their teams go far in the PostSeason... Is it a coincidence that Briere and Pronger get to to the Conference finals more often that the average players do on a fairly constant basis?

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