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04-30-2012, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by ReggietheSavage15 View Post
I don't know why these morons in the media are questioning the team drafting Cousins. You don't draft a QB in round 4 with the hopes he's going to start or even COMPETE for the starting gig. Things don't work like that in the NFL. Cousins was drafted with the hopes that he'll eventually be a capable #2 and take the reigns from Grossman. I think we all hope and pray that 1) RGIII turns out to be as good as advertised and 2) RGIII can stay healthy. If he gets injured, we need a quality backup who knows the offense and can step in to help guide the team in place of the starter. This reason alone is why Grossman is still here in DC. When Cousins is comfortable with the system that Kyle Shanahan is running, we'll cut ties w. Grossman. Simple as that. This was a GOOD (and necessary) pick.
Sigh. It was anything but a GOOD pick.

There's a reason no team has drafted 2 QBs in the first 4 rounds in over 20 years. It's terrible asset management. The ideal backup for a rookie QB to have isn't another rookie--it's an NFL veteran. There are solid vet backup QBs available every single year in free agency. Orton, Garrard, among others were available this year.

And you can get players in the 4th round that can actually make an impact on the field. There are typically 5-10 Pro Bowlers drafted in the 4th round or later any given year. They had the potential home run sitting there (Bobby Massie), and decided instead to go with a player who they hope never sees the field. Wasted pick.

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