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04-30-2012, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Lebanese Leaf View Post
I know right.

They should have gone with their roots and at least used the same font as the old Brooklyn Dodgers.

Now THAT'S a nice looking B.
Looks too much like the Boston Red Sox B. I don't think New Yorkers would be comfortable with that.

This really is the natural conclusion of the annoying "everything throwback is awesome!" trend. A logo so old looking, so 50-years-ago boring, so utterly bland and without any character that it lacks any real identity or appeal. The Blue Jays proved that it's possible to go retro while retaining some modern sensibilities and "snap". This proves that you can be so utterly focused on making it look like the design is old that you forget it still has to be, y'know, good.

and black and white for a color scheme? When's the last time that worked (I realize the LA Kings now use black/white, but there's also some silver/grey in there too)? It's lazy, and it feels like it was drawn up by someone who loves those douchy black/white fashion caps for other sports just because it means that it will go with anything you wear, no matter what colors.


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