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04-30-2012, 04:09 PM
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This may be tough to hear but the players with really good hockey sense, are just born with it. I have exceptional hockey sense for my league/skill level which is about AA/AAA but I am a rather poor skater, I'm kind of small etc so I won't be going far in hockey lol. But one thing I was always good at was passing, stickhandling and shooting as well as positioning. I got good at positioning because my dad made a pizza box into a rink with some magic markers and scissors.

He made 2 colours of "players" out of cardboard and showed me almsot every possible situation before I started hockey and as I was beginning so I didn't develop bad habits yet. This may be the way to go for you as you are rather new and haven't developed bad habits yet, or hopefully nothing to serious. I was about 8-9 then.

I worked on my passing at the same time as my shooting. When I was 8-9 all I did was play road hockey all summer every day and as long as I could in the winter/fall. I would come home from school and all my buddies would have a big game at the culdasac and we played til dark. So imagine how many shots I took, I've taken probably somewhere close to 2 million shots including road hockey(which I still play at least 3 times a week), pond hockey, regular hockey, varsity highschool hockey, gym class floorball(kinda the same game but a little different) and ministicks etc. Just get as much shooting as you can and make sure you have a good shooter teach you the fundamentals. I'm 16 now and shooting about 77-80mph slapshots because I've put so much time into it.

This helped my passing because I got a good feel for the puck/ball and it helped my accuracy. If you can make good passes then your hockey sense will improve because you don't need near as much time to make a nice backhand saucer pass to your center for the breakaway.

Lastly, if you play with good players or players that think like you then you'll know exactly where they are on the ice and that pass becomes a lot easier to make. And maybe play non contact for awhile to make it easier.

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