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04-30-2012, 05:22 PM
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OK, let me just say, there is a reason this team has seemed a bit off since Deadline and Rad's return, and really off this series. They have not been playing the system completely. They shifted from Predator hockey to trying to play a higher skill game and outscore their opponent.

Every guy who pulls on the sweater has to be 100% all in with playing the system. No shifts off, no floating, no more margin for error with the occasional brain fart. The momentum of the series can still turn. A team down 0-3 has almost zero chance to do it. But it can still happen. Who knows, maybe having last change will make a huge difference. Maybe unfavorable matchups are the margin-- we will get an idea Wed. night.

I am tired of worrying myself sick over this series. I need to take a deep breath.
But if it ends in this round, I see huge turnover for this roster. Seems like the current system and roster will have reached its potential. And we all know how unlikely a coaching change is. With management trusting Poile, things will have to get a lot worse for that kind of change. OK, rant mode off.

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