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04-30-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by WetHog View Post
Local media, national media, and fans (including some on this site) were up in arms and beside themselves that the Skins did nothing to enhance the QB position during last years offseason. Going into last season with Grossman and Beck was mere folly.

Now the Skins have seriously addressed the QB position and those same folks are up in arms and beside themselves that the Skins used draft picks to address the QB position.

Can't have it both ways folks.
Didn't they already enhance it with RGIII? Isn't that all we've been bombarded with for months now? RGIII RGII RGIII....he's going to come here and know the playbook in and out....he's Shanahan's kind of QB...yada yada he's going to come in here and do cartwheels and turn the franchise around on his own? He's a great kid, he's smart, etc....he's the new face of the team, etc.

So why in the hell waste a pick on a second rookie QB when there are other holes that urgently needed filling? Get rid of Beck fine but keep Grossman as a backup...then sign someone else off the scrap heap if you want depth at third string. They traded a ton to get RGIII, the Heisman winner, if that's not enhancing the position I don't know what is.

The fact that it's being talked about, the fact noone else has done it in 20 years, shows it's unusual. Division rivals drafted for needs, not for a luxury, or as some are saying to protect anyone's ego. If they truly did this as Koken said he suspected on the radio today, only as some "protection" against RGIII getting "too big" for the franchise, well then they're morons. They have known for months who RGIII is and how huge he'd be here. Pretty much everyone here, every analyst in print or radio had a long list of needs for the Redskins and nowhere did anyone think a second QB would come, esp. so relatively early.

It's a head-scratcher, that's why it's being discussed. For once the Shanahans had a slam dunk at the QB position and well, they still found a way to make things confusing.

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