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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
I certainly hope you are right. That is my primary fear. I'd hate it if he lost it and ended some poor European kid's career in a fit of rage/stupidity.
Theo Fleury generally always acquited himself well whenever the call came to represent Team Canada (a request which he never turned down to my knowledge).

.....course he was on the ice during that Canada-Russia brawl.

(not his fault though that the Russian coach emptied out his bench or let his entire team jump out on the ice setting up that free-for-all).

Originally Posted by Soichiro View Post
I don't understand the comment I bolded. Although I disagree, I can sort of see Burrows's detractors arguing that he might be a black eye on Canada's image due to his antics which include yapping, diving and biting, but you are insinuating that he's the type of player who goes out there to hurt guys and I don't think there is much in the way of evidence to that accusation. Perhaps you're thinking of another former QMJHL player?
He took out JP Dumont a number of years ago - but that was during the time the league pretty much sanctioned those type of hits. That's about it. He's never been suspended by the NHL (granted, given the NHL's wheel of justice, that doesn't mean alot).

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