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04-30-2012, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark
You know that this happened not even a year ago, right? Have you ever seen any other pro hockey player bite another player?

Actually yes, when Jarko Ruutu played for the Sens he bit someone-forget who but it might have been Peters.

It sounds disgusting but was actually hilarious as with most things Ruutu did. I don't think Ruutu ever really hurt another player when he was with the Sens, just drove them nuts with his antics and irritating **** eating smile.

The player(bitee) came up to the locker room and yelled at Luke Ricahrdson until Ruutu came out with his wire rim glasses looking like professor Ruutu.

You can't compare Burrows to Matt Cooke who did end careers and was vicious on the ice. Burrows is a **** distruber and a pretty good hockey player. I think the Worlds will be more entertaining with him there.That said. I am hoping he doesn't bite any players while on the international stage.

Spezza should be there but that is a whole other question.

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