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03-17-2006, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Phil333
Is there a difference between the stationary bikes where you are more parallel to the ground than the ones where you are more vertical? (Legs going horizontal as opposed to vertical)? Thanks.
Depends on what you're wanting to ride for really. If it's just for cardio then NO, unless you believe that stress-on-the-heart thing Icer mentioned (which personally, I don't - although I believe, as with any exercise it's more if you use it properly - If you sit too upright & too close to the pedals you can crimp the veins & arteries at the waistline and yes cause more stress to the heart - but you can do the same if you're not correctly positioned on a normal cycle too)...anyway...

If you're doing it for not only the cardio but strengthening your knees (which is a WAY underused purpose for the cycle) and endurance strengthening for the greater leg muscles (kind of like sissy-squats, but for the hami's and calves too) then the traditional style / vertical bike (imo) is better. It does not have to cause any back pain if it is fit properly. And you will find the best benefit from it for this strengthening need, if you use clips or clipless pedals (ones that attach your foot to the pedal so you can work the entire leg by pulling while pushing throughout the full range of motion). You can find someone at any reputable bike shop to help you with both (proper posture fit and pedal differences) - and I'm sure there are lots of on-line advice sites on this stuff as well.

I used to work in a shop (college) and have supplemented all the different sports I've played with cycle training. I've had a couple doctors tell me that my years of consistant cycling is the primary reason I've still got good knees. I'm a huge advocate.

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