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03-17-2006, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
1) Gretzky wasn't good at shootouts (he wasn't even a shooter for Team Canada in the Olympics). Was he any good? Mike Richards is GREAT on shootouts, however he's not nearly as offensively gifted as Gagne at this point... what does that say?

Taking a shootout is a completely different animal than "playing" offensive hockey, so that's just an awful way to judge any player.

2) And Gagne won the game in the shootout the other day. Thanks for playing.
1) I didn't say Gagne wasn't good, I said he didn't really create his own chances. Not his strong point. Soooooooooo......... your point is moot since it has no bearing on what I actually said. Comparing him to Gretzky? Gretzky has almost twice as many assists as the next guy has points. Gagne somehow become an assist man? Didn't Gretzky also play with a pretty good center and in an era that wasn't very strong in the goaltending and defense side of things? Yes.

The shootout comparison was used to show how he struggles in one on one situations. So since that's the only other time Gagne has a chance to do it himself and doesn't score too often I think it's actually a very good example. If he skated around and scored maybe it would be different, but he doesn't. He finds a spot, gets the pass, and is accurate doing so.

2) That's one goal out of how many tries? Now that's a bad example.

Look man, get the idea that I'm ripping him out of your head. The guy wanted to know why his production had dropped. I gave my theory. What's yours?

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