Thread: Post-Game Talk: Caps vs. Rangers, Game 2
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04-30-2012, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
Yes. Washington and the Pens have the same post-lockout bandwagon thing going on, but I think Washington's may be even worse. A huge percentage of these recently "die-hard" Caps fans will disappear the second that the Redskins are relevant again. It's pitiful.

Amusing true story--I have a bunch of relatives in the Maryland suburbs of DC. Many of them magically became life-long hockey fans about 5 or 6 years ago (it's like they forget that I knew them before that). We had a big family dinner during last year's playoffs, and one of my cousins was watching a playoff game. I went to change the channel (looking for a different game), and he pitched a fit, ranting about how he's this big-time hockey fan, and he knows the sport and he wanted to ****ing watch the game that was on. He was pretty embarrassed when I pointed out that he was watching a replay of the previous year's playoffs (as any hockey fan would know due to the fact that Niemi was in goal for Chicago).

Just like the Pens. They're new to the sport, but they want to pretend that they're experts and mega-fans. If they were just willing to learn about the game and admit to being new to the sport, I don't think anyone would give them any crap.
The problem I have with the whole damn organization right down to their fans is that they seem to forget they've been in the NHL since the early 1970's. "Old time" Capitals fans from the 80's are tolerable. Problem is, it doesn't seem like any of them still exist. Ted Leonsis ran off all the old time fans with his Tanksburgh strategy, and then operated his team as an expansion team.

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