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03-17-2006, 07:20 PM
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ah heck, how about another.

Shame-us exits the bar (after quite a binge, as you guessed) and hops in his car.

he starts to pull away and notices a big tree in the middle of the road. he swerves wildly to the left, only to find another tree right in front of him. this time, he swerves to the right, and looks up in time to see another tree in the middle of the road. for quite a few miles, Shame-us is zig-zagging back and forth, until he is finally pulled over by an officer.

"Shame-us, what in the hell are you doing swerving all over the place?".

Shame-us slurs back, "didn't you see all those trees in the middle of the road, ociffer?"

the policeman shakes his head and scolds Shame-us. "you drunken fool...those weren't trees, that was your air freshener!"

cheers lads.

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