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Forwards at even strength

First lines = close

Lindsay > H Richard overall, but Henri did almost all his damage at even strength, so they have be close at even strength.

Selanne is very close to Geoffrion in the regular season if not equal. Quick and dirty top 10s:
Geoffrion: 1, 1, 4, 6, 6, 7, 7
Selanne: 2, 2, 5, 5, 7, 8, 8
And Selanne did it in an era where it is much harder to repeat as a top scorer.

But Geoffrion was one of the best playoff performers of his era, while Selanne's playoff record is best described as "incomplete." Selanne was scoring over half a goal per game in his limited playoff experience before the age of 30 and is arguably the best performer in the Winter Olympics of his generation, so he's hardly a choker. But he still doesn't have the resume of Geoffrion in the playoffs. Geoffrion should be considered a slight advantage over Selanne here.

Keats > Roberts by a good margin. This shouldn't be controversial.

Chemistry-wise, I like both lines. Every player on NJ's line was an excellent puck handler, while Pittsburgh only has Henri Richard (Geoffrion is a triggerman and Roberts a grinder type), so that's a slight bonus. Not much of an issue with Orr back there though.

Second lines = close

Pappin and Stuart are mostly warm bodies with decent enough hands not to kill things offensively. Both have their roles though.

This might be a slight edge for Pittsburgh if you could assume Lindros would have his per game (regular season) production and be healthy every game, but we can't make that assumption.

Lindros and LeClair might be able physically dominate less brawny defensemen, but that won't be an issue against NJ.

Third lines =slight advantage NJ

NJ has better scoring chemistry IMO. BBS seems to disagree. I don't think there's any new ground to break here that wasn't already broken.

I also like NJ's personnel a little better. These are both checking lines, and Marcotte is the best defensive forward in the series. Laprade is probably the best overall player, followed closely by Nevin.

Fourth lines

Neither is a liability offensively or defensively, which is all I want from a fourth line. I don't see a need to go further.

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