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04-30-2012, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Not sure what the context is here?

To be fair, I didn't really know what most professions meant growing up. I thought engineers just built cars and crazy machines. I never thought industrial enngineering even existed(what i'm in now).

The role of a lot of professions aren't clear when you're a kid growing up.

A lot of students enter pure and applied or health sciences because they can and were told "you're smart, do math and science". A lot just go to engineering or medicine or just switch to business. Some enter physics and other forms of science but most get discouraged by the availability of jobs.

I think that's a big problem. There's a lot of bright minds who are in fields which do not generate a safe profit(business and engineering) and their ability to use their knowledge is often misguided.

I say this when I don't really care for most arts programs(unless you plan to do masters) but physicists and research, even in arts programs like pyschology, should be funded and there should be a clearer image of your place in society.

I don't mean this in a political way. Merely discussing, in general, how certain professions aren't as marketed.

I actually just finished a course with an excellent teacher. ENGR 392. One of the topics talks about mostly engineers and scientists and how we're given training on how to be useful within a particular set of circumstances rather than how we can be useful towards society. It's interesting.

I'm actually big on these things because I got so discouraged growing up and got kicked out of 2 schools for never trying. I never saw anything of use and thats mostly because i didnt know what was out there or where i'd fit.

There's actually a video that's a bit extreme, but has similarities to how I feel about education in general(and not just quebec, so no, not about anything political with the strike or whatever). Only problem with this video is I know a lot of the stuff because I just did it in class and some may not get what he really means.

I understand this may be percieved as 'political' even though I don't feel that way. So I won't say much about it beyond this video. Hopefully someone likes it.
That's a great video, and I agree with it.
But I also think the teachers have their part to play in this poor system. I think a lot of them settle for a mediocre performances on their part.

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