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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I use gloves with clarino palms which aren't very grippy. I don't want my hands sliding up and down the stick when I'm trying to shoot and stickhandle. Grip sticks keep my hands in place until I want to move them. Non-grip means when I take a hard shot my bottom hand can move a bit and it goes off target.
I have the opposite problem. When i've used grip sticks (both Dolomite and x:60), my bottom hand essentially sticks to the shaft with no freedom. Whenever i'm making a move close to my body and i want my bottom hand to move freely up or down the shaft this becomes a serious problem. It drives me nuts.

As a result i'm much more comfortable with non-grip sticks. I do like some grip on my shaft however, so i put about 4-6 strips of tape about 6-8 inches apart down the shaft. This gives me different gripping points, but allows my bottom hand to smoothly ride up or down to the next piece of tape.

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