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Defensemen at even strength

top 4

Orr is easily the best

Park is easily second best. He's basically been canonized on hfboards as the 11th best defenseman ever by now. 11th among defensemen on the 2009 top players list; 11th on the recent top defensemen project (with clear gaps between 10, 11, and 12 in voting). But he's no Orr.

Jack Stewart is easily better than Rob Blake. 3x 1st Team, 2x 2nd Team (plus 2 prime seasons lost tonthe war) vs 1x 1st Team, 3x second team. And the gap probably widens at even strength (its not like Stewart was getting votes for his PP prowess).

I think there's a good argument Hod Stuart was a better player than Rob Blake too. I think the second best dman (after Cleghorn) to play his entire career before consolidation was either Eddie Gerard or Hod Stuart. Even if not, I think Stuart's skating game should give him the even strength edge over Blake, who was more a force on special teams.

Blake is easily better than Crawford, Hitchman, or Mortson.

I think Crawford is a bit better than either Mortson or Hitchman. None are in the HHOF, and Crawford had the better all star record.

So Pittsburgh has the best #1
NJ's #2 and probably #3 are better than Pittsburgh's #2
NJ's #4 is better than Pittsburgh's #3 or #4

bottom pairing.

Pervukhin is easily the best defenseman on either bottom pairing. Korab isn't close as a puck mover. Korab finished 10th and 19th in All star voting. Pervukhin was either the 3rd or 4th best Soviet defenseman of his generation and was a (First Team) Soviet All Star in 1979.

Bob Armstrong (3 top 10 finishes in Norris voting) also has a better record than Korab. As the defensive guy, how does he compare to Allan Cameron, a prominent defenseman who retired almost a decade before Russel Bowie got going? Who knows. But NJ's #6 definitely has a better record than Korab.

overall: Orr is a significant advantage over Brad Park as a #1, but NJ had significant advantages 2-6.

From a chemistry perspective, I don't really like Mortson as a stay at home next to Orr (BBS seems to disagree). Everyone else seems fine.

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