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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
I do agree with that.

I think they learned so few numbers and weren't prepared... so they had 47 circled..
Didn't they originally credit AK goal to Rad, several times... lol
Yep, and when did Gary Suter don a Preds jersey? Heard Gary's name called and was a little stunned that no one corrected the play by play guy.

I think that National coverage cuts both ways. They focus on one player or aspect of the particular game and often give unbiased opinions. The opinions are great because as fans we often see through rose colored glasses. But they don't consider lots of details that affect the player or aspect of the game they are criticizing because they haven't followed the team for 80+ games.

And with Petey and Crispy we all too often get the dumbed down, head on a swivel, move your feet analysis because of our market. I thought the analysis of Doan's redirect was insightful for a football-first southerner. I learned that Suter should have turned Doan towards the boards and stayed between Doan and the net. Suter was way out of position. I knew the redirect looked way too easy, but I didn't know why.

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