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Special Teams

First PP = close

Pittsburgh has the best pair of PP point men I've ever seen in the ATD, but the forwards are not very good. NJ's pointmen are good but not great.

NJ has a big advantage at F. Lindsay is very good. Selanne is top 4th all-time in career PP goals and is the only one in the top 10 to not play in the 70s or 80s. *Henri Richard barely ever played on the PP in real life, and from a skill perceptive, his forechecking, speed, puck possession game seems more suited for even strength. Lindros and LeClair are ok but neither is close to Selanne or Lindsay on the PP.

Second PP = advantage NJ

Blake > Rolston as the shooter, but NJ has big advantages in every other position.

First PK = close

Orr is one of the best PKers ever. Stewart is great but probably not as good. I think Crawford has a slight advantage over Hitchman, but it's close. Overall, Pittsburgh has the better D.

Marcotte is one of the best PKing wingers ever (check his profile). Nevin is good, but not that good. I think Laprade's PKing is more established than Russel's.

D to Pitt, F to NJ, overall close

second PK = Advantage NJ

Blake = Park (both elite for a second PK); Stuart = Mortson probably. D is even

NJ had better forwards. Henri Richard seems to have the skills to PK but rarely did it in real life. Tremblay was a good, not great PKer.

Mahovlich was only a big time Pker for the first 6-7 years of his career, but he was elite during the time - tying with Bobby Clarke in a coach's poll for best PKer in the league and getting selected to the 1972 Summit Series and 1976 Canada Cup as a PKer. And Tremblay only had 6 full and 3 partial seasons in his career. Rolston is a bit behind Marcotte as an elite PKing winger.

Originally Posted by overpass View Post
PKTime=an approximation of the number of season equivalents of shorthanded ice time that the player played. Calculated by sum of (PlayerPGA/TeamPGA).

TeamPK+=strength of the penalty kill units for which the player played. 1 is average, lower is better. 0.80 means that the unit allowed goals at 80% of a league average rate. Calculated by 1-(TmPGA -TmSHGF)/TmTSH, with each season weighted by the players PKTime.

Best penalty killing wingers by the numbers, 1968-2010
Player PKTime TeamPK+
Craig Ramsay 7.96 0.77
Ed Westfall 7.68 0.80
Bob Gainey 6.58 0.83
Don Marcotte 5.39 0.80
XXX 6.16 0.85
Bill Barber 3.71 0.80
Brian Rolston 4.48 0.86
Jari Kurri 4.14 0.86
XXX 4.87 0.88
XXX 4.92 0.89

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