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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Thanks for the video! I'm going back to home-schooling my kids next year and this sums up pretty nicely why! I pretty much fully agree with it. I don't really see this as political at all, in the sense that this is more global and hardly directed at any political party in particular, they all promote the current system.

Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
I feel as if people overestimate the "your degree isn't worth anything" mentality. Obviously I'm looking from the inside out, but I feel that we live in a time where we're told that "X degree is worthless" to the point where anything but a medical or an engineering degree is disregarded. I think that's a rather bad thing to promote, because the arts fields have a lot of potential for bright minds. I'm planning on switching because of the risk of being a history major, but I feel as if the more intelligent, insightful students will ignore fields they're passionate about because they don't want to end up unemployed. I know of a few really bright kids who skipped going into English Lit, or History so that they could go into medicine or something, and now they're suffering through it. Art fields need those upper level minds to advance the field, and I think the way society treats art degrees, it's going to quickly (and probably already is) become a case of "I couldn't get into anything so I'm going to be a history major and use my BA to become an office jockey.

Don't wanna knock anyone because grade-wise, I'm not the best student, but there are so many kids in my history department who plan on getting a Masters, a PhD and becoming teachers, or working for museums or anything, and I just think "man, I can't see this kid adding any insightful or advancing research in the field." Whereas you have these kids who are fascinated by history, but give up and pursue something they like less. And those are the kids who I think would be the ones to write books, discover, interpret and formulate new theories, possibilities and information pertinent to the field. Not so say that there aren't bright kids in every arts program, but the "art degree is pointless" mentality harms the field in the way that the ones who would actually use their degree to make money, make a big name for themselves often choose to do something different.
I think the problem is mostly the place that economy took in society in general. Society is TOTALLY focused on the economy, on growth, you need more engineers, more doctors, more lawyers because that's what brings money in for society. But it also leads to a society that is rather sterile, cold and in the end really quite disconnected with what matters. And it reflects on education and how we basically sterilize our children's minds so that they are more 'functional' and 'society-ready'. It's BS, and the whole system is going to smash right into a wall at high speed because it's pillaging all the Earth's non-renewable ressources to fill the bank accounts of a few people at the top, and everyone at the bottom ends up fighting to try to get one of those few spots up there and picking up the crumbs.

I've been pretty much going through what you said, I was smart and had top grades and so I went in science cause why not? I graduated in biochem, noticed that I liked working on computers more than doing labwork so did a graduate degree in bioinformatics, landed a job at MIT where I've been for 4 years. And while I do like my job overall and I'm interested in science, what I really like doing is composing songs on the piano. And teaching kids stuff. And I'm really interested in how to be self-sufficient energy-wise and food-wise. So I'm leaving my job this summer and coming back to Quebec to live in the country and home-school our kids, do music, and try to make our house self-sufficient. Will likely keep doing some informatics work part-time to pay bills, but mostly on projects that I find interesting with friends.

I likely won't be as 'useful' to society as a dedicated full time bioinformatician at MIT. And I'll have less money. But I'll be a hell of a lot happier. And I think that's what people should strive for. Don't try to land a job that will give you more money so that you can be happy 2 weeks a year by going on a vacation while having an insane schedule with work + kids + school the 50 others. Live a life where you'll be happy every day of the year by what you do, and then you'll have to spend a hell of a lot less on commercial junk that gives you the illusion that it makes you happy and you'll be fine living with less. If what makes you happy is a degree in Arts or History, then go for it. There is WAY too much focus on 'how much money you make' in the world, too many people take wrong decisions based on that. And so much global abuse coming out of it.

So screw the whole 'worthless degrees' theory. We have a worthless society mentality.

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