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05-01-2012, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by PBPantherfan View Post
For god sakes look at what we paid for guys last summer. Do you really think that none of the other 29 teams will spend money on Garrison?
Not a good comparison. We had to overpay players because they wouldn't go to the cursed Panthers otherwise. The curse is over, the team came within a goal of making the second round, and the team's got a lot of promise for the future, so you won't see the Panthers having to overpay like they did last season, at least not as long as they don't go back into the mire of early tee times in April. Meanwhile, few teams had as negative an image as the Panthers, between years of missing the playoffs and years of horrific mismanagement by Cohen.

That said, yeah - my $1.2M was being realistic about what Garrison should be paid, not what he will be paid. I still don't think he'll get $4M unless some team is run by a complete moron. I don't care if there's no supply, he's not in that caliber and what GM wants to be saddled with that contract if he doesn't live up to it? Garrison's never been a #1 go-to guy, and certainly wasn't this year - that was Campbell. But we'll see what happens - still 2 months to go until July 1.

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