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05-01-2012, 10:02 AM
Stewie G
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Just like BB's approach to outscore everyone wasn't a sustainable playoff business model, I don't see DH's approach as being the answer either.

Nashville has tried the defense first, one-goal win method in the past, with players much more suited to that game, and failed. Beaten by better all-around teams. Maybe those teams don't exist in the East this year. Maybe the Caps won't run into this year's version of Sean Bergenheim or maybe someone like Chimera will be this year's Bergenheim. The guy who scores goals by throwing them out front and having a defenseman kick it into the net. Maybe they won't have the injury bug bite them. Maybe the same hockey gods that saw Bergeron whiff on an empty net will continue to be on their side. The Caps are due for some of that. Sometimes luck overcomes coaching, both good or bad.

The thought of the Caps facing off against the Coyotes or Kings though, both of whom play HunterHockey much better than the Caps do, should be enough to give fans bad feelings.

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