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05-01-2012, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
ovechkin isnt going to approve this for the long run and the action he will take will either be to apply himself with great effort to change his game because he wants to stay or agree that he and his game no longer fit into the capitals game plan and ask to be traded.

this situation may well turn out wonderfully, but the capitals are holding a grenade with the pin pulled and even if they win they are risking losing the golden goose.
Ironclad, guaranteed NHL contracts work both ways.

Ovechkin is under contract. If the golden goose gets away, it's because they cave, and take off the chain around its neck. He can ask for a trade and they can refuse, countering that he can go when he's 35. He can sit out and forego millions... but he won't. He can't support his lavish lifestyle on principled righteousness. He knows it, they know it, he knows they know it, and they know he knows they know it.

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