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05-01-2012, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
I know I am not the only one that saw Dale had changed things up. He was more aggressive offensively. He opened it up. Defensemen were active in the offensive zone, yes with a lead. The shot totals reflect a more open game last night.

No, opening it up is not all about ramping up Ovi's ice time. Its a team wide approach. Torts is still looking for Ovi to get his dmen out. Dale laughs as heads explode.

Girardi: Coach, what do we do if Ovi isn't out there?
Torts: Just play goddammit.
I agree that the defensemen were much more active last night. Carlson especially was moving forward all night. More pinches on pucks that looked like 50/50 propositions.

The second point is downright laughable. Girardi is still playing 27 minutes per game. He just gets to play them against 3rd liners instead of Ovechkin. I fail to see how that is a negative for the Rangers. I don't see Torts looking around and giving Stu Bickel big minutes because he's waiting for Ovie to hop over the boards. He knows that if the Caps have the lead he doesn't have to worry about saving his horses.

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