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05-01-2012, 09:20 AM
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What Ovechkin is far more likely to do is get Hunter canned, long before he seeks a trade. There is long and illustrious tradition of coach and player at loggerheads, and player winning. I see no reason that would change. The key is that Hunter knows it and doesn't care. He gets canned, he heads back to Ontario and continues running the Knights with family. He's not desperate to remain a coach. Now Boudreau, you could just tell he wanted nothing more, once he had made it, than to remain one of the 30 lucky guys who get to coach a NHL team. Having made it, he loved it and loves it, and wants to do what it takes to keep it. Being a NHL coach is everything to him.

Hunter? He's like a Sutter. Fire him, and he goes back to manage the farm in Alberta. The back forty needs attention anyway.

Don't care, and you have a bit more freedom to challenge superstars. That's also what is happening at the moment. Hunter isn't going to be cowed by the traditional superstar threat to get the coach fired (since coaches are like Kleenex and replaceable, while superstars are precious). Ovechkin has his money so he's willing to forego ice time and thereby numbers to see if he can win this way.

It won't be a truce that lasts forever, but it doesn't end in Armageddon. It ends in success or a new coach. Ovechkin will be here until he's 35, either way. Leonsis won't trade him, for marketing purposes if nothing else.

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