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05-01-2012, 10:39 AM
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Playoff Sticker Shock

As a brief diversion from the Bridge Jumping exercise we're participating in over our 0-2 start to the 2nd Round, let me give everyone a previously undiscovered upside to our potential demise in the 2nd Round.

My regular season ticket price is $44. Round 1 tickets cost $48. Not bad, after all, it is the playoffs. Round 2 jumped to $64. Ouch. 46% increase over regular season prices. If we regain our footing and find a way to win this series, Round 3 goes to $70. 59% increase over reg season pricing. Are we having fun yet. Now lets say, Rads tells Jones, "Suck on this, Analyst Dweebe, and scores bundles of goals leading us to the Cup Finals. Round 4 is offered at the low, low price of $86. 95% increase over the never-realized-I-had-such-a-good-deal regular season. Holy sticker shock, Batman.

One of the upsides of never going too deep into the playoffs is not experiencing the realization of the cost. We're filling the barn easily for the 2nd Round. I assume we'll all dig deep as the Preds progress deeper but this is not an insignificant hit to the pillow case of cash I keep under my bed.

So, I'll be there screaming Wednesday night. In fact, I plan to scream 46% louder, rag the refs 46% more, and stay in my seat between periods to get 46% more entertainment from whomever the bigger star is singing on the band stage.

If we ultimately fall to the Yotes, I will be emotionally down, followed by a few days of staying away from all that is hockey, followed by realizing the consolation prize is saving 100% of my money going forward.

1 mississippi .... 2 mississippi .... 3 mississippi .... here comes the first response from a purist who's lived in bigger markets saying this is what major sports is all about and if you bumpkins in Nashville can't pony up the scratch, you don't belong in the league.

For the record, I lived and attending sports in the mecca of bigger markets (NY) for mucho years so don't lay the elitist guilt trip on me about "the-way-it-is". I get it and you are right.

It just happened to surprise me when I realized the escalation yesterday. Welcome to Big Leagues and I'm proud of our fan base that still is propped up by a majority of non-corp buyers.

Go Preds!!!! (i think?)

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