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05-01-2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
This is a slam dunk deal?
I've seen you post this deal multiple times and get surprised when Oiler fans turn it down.

Well, Kadri doesn't fill any "needs". He's a good prospect but he's just another smallish, skilled forward that plays soft. Schenn is in Paajarvi territory, he's struggling to even find a regular spot in the NHL and doesn't really fill a need anyway, we have Smid and Schultz as shutdown guys and Teubert and Musil in the pipeline anyway.
Also, Murray likely won't be there at 5 so the Oilers will have to take whoever is leftover at 5 so the Oilers trade down and don't get their guy.

It's silly that you think that this is some kind of slam dunk deal.

^ This multiplied by a thousand thousand. Kadri and Schenn?? That's just freaking ugly, and would make us the laughing stock of the NHL. Yaks is a bonifide #1 pick, and is heads and shoulders over both of those guys. Is Kadri eventually even going to be a NHL guy?

That's a terrible proposal that you keep bringing up, and can't understand why you don't get it that this is not going to fly around here. NO ONE thinks it's a good trade except you.

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