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05-01-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by PSUCapsFan View Post
I don't think OV is turnover prone at all. I'm not sure where that is coming from. If he does turn it over then it's usually because he was trying to make a play in the ozone.

A turn over in the ozone is much more tolerable than one in the d or neutral zone (think Semin, Backstrom, Green, or Wideman).

Ovechkin needs to improve his hustle and decision making when his line is pinned in their own zone, that I will agree with.

My theory as to why OV's minutes are down is because Hunter wants his line to cycle the puck down low which Ovechkin is not comfrotable with. Cycling the puck is a much safer play than trying to score off the rush. Hunter does not like to take chances.
I'm a big Ovie fan, but yes, there are at least a couple scenarios in which he has traditionally been turnover-prone. One is at point on PP, another is down low in O-zone when, as you suggested, he opts not to cycle puck behind net but instead passes toward high slot even when no one is open there. That does frequently lead to counter-rush, esp. when Ovie and at least one other Cap forward are so deep that they aren't able to get back.

But the solo sorties into the O-zone are not a problem, IMO, in terms of turnovers. Those don't seem to lead frequently to good counterattack chances. And you are correct that the O-zone turnover, as a general matter, is preferable to the neutral-zone one or D-zone one.

One of the keys is so-called 'hockey sense,' knowing when to dump the puck or cycle it because no other good option exists.

Semin made a bad O-zone turnover recently, on a play where he should have unloaded puck deep or along the boards. That one led directly to a goal. So the O-zone turnover certainly can be lethal, to wit, Bickell's pass to Ward on first goal last night.

I like the idea of winning the Cup this year and then getting DH back to Ontario in time for harvest, and for continued tenure atop Knight organization. Let's do that. I am not ready for an 82-game season in which 8 plays 13 min a game. (Yes, yes, I know, playoffs are different. I'm just saying.)

Based on how some other players have responded after getting out of Hunter Healthy Scratch Jail, i am excited to see how Halpern, MP, and/or Orlov might perform, if they get a chance this series.

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