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05-01-2012, 11:11 AM
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There are a lot of guys in the NHL who could barely pass grade school (watch an interview, or read a few (ex)NHL'er twitter pages, geez, I mean look at Mike Modano or Jeremy Roenick.. complete morons...) so I'm always weary when I see ex-star players names thrown out there and was especially worried about Roy or Damphousse. Thankfully they seem to be out of the mix.

But Bergevin seems a bit different from the mold and I support that. More of a role player. I actually think he would be an interesting choice as a coach to be honest, more in the Dan Bylsma mold. But as far as GM goes, he would be an interesting style of executive for us, a real change of face for the organization.

I still strongly support McGuire. I wonder what his relationship is like with Mackasey? Is Pierre too much of a control freak, would he have to choose his own assistants? Some combo of P.M, Bergevin, Mackasey, Timmins forming a management team would be cool.

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