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Originally Posted by Knuckles30 View Post
1. I agree with his 7 piece approach to building a team.
2. I agree with his comments about how a management team needs to manage the message. He has spoken at length on radio in the past about how in Pitt they have meetings before press conferences post game to ensure emotions were in check and the message was clear.
3. I agree with his emphasis on organizational standards, and his comments about following the Pitt model for encouraging young players to board with veterans.
4. I agree with his comments about how Montreal should embrace it's history and establish a clear identity with a Francophone presence.

I think McGuire would do a good job, but am also intrigued with Bergevin. Like many here, I think BriseBois would be a mistake as he is from the previous regime. Time for new blood.
So basically because you hear him talk on radio as opposed to the other candidates who you haven't heard on radio?

Glad we could clear that up

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