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05-01-2012, 01:06 PM
3 in 5 > 3 in 6
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Originally Posted by BleedBlue247 View Post
Blues fan coming in peace here guys. Could you open the Roman Polak door for us? In all seriousness, I have never seen a team dominate the Blues like that last night. You guys literally had me screaming at the TV last night. That said, I'm just kind of curious what type of game you are expecting for game 3? I'm thinking it's gonna be a massivly physical game. Gotta say I hate Dustin Brown but he's been money for you guys. He's beating Backes at his own game, and that's something I've never been able to say. I'm hoping Petro's back. I was really looking foward to him going toe to to with Doughty.
I'm not sure it'll be that physical. They gooned it up last game because the game was lost after 20 minutes.

Next game the focus certainly for the Blues is desperate hockey. They need to win a game first and foremost. They can also play a simpler game on the road without having to worry about impressing their home team's fans. Kings will have a lot of pressure on them to win game 3.

The Blues best chance to win a game will be Sunday. Day games and the Kings do not mix. A noon start is an hour earlier than normal.

Obviously getting Pietrangelo back is essential. Hitchcock started to say that in his press conference last night before he stopped himself "we need him back in the lineup if we're gonna..." since that comment would have taken on a life of its own if he'd completed his sentence, but we all knew what he meant, and I believe him. He's that critical of a player for the Blues to have success and I think the entire team knows that.

Being without Halak doesn't help matters. You have to think Elliott would have been pulled in normal circumstances after the 3rd goal.

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