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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
Where do you propose they put him? You really think they're going to sit Soriano for him in left? Left's about the only place you could put him other than first, and you're not going to stall a hot, young up and comer chomping at the bit for that same spot in order to keep a 30 year old there who's having his first good season ever as a Major Leaguer which may or may not be an anomaly-type season. They're not sending Rizzo anywhere, and this team isn't winning anything this year. Sell high, if it makes sense for the club and the return is right.

And what makes you think and assume they'd get a not so great return? If it's not so great, they don't pull the trigger. Simple. You don't give the guy away for the simple fact of getting rid of him, but if there's a deal that makes sense than can yield you two or three young players in return, which is what this organization is trying to do in building from the ground up, you have to at least take a look at it.
It depends on what kind of outfielder he is. He could possibly play in right but left would be ideal.

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