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03-18-2006, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
A good PK kills the penalty, John, simple as that. Whether or not it was "bogus" has nothing to do with a poor Flyers' PK team, and so blaming it on a referee is a copout.
Are you disputing the fact that 90 seconds of a 5-on-3 isn't infinitely more valuable than 90 seconds of a 5-on-4 ???

Originally Posted by dedalus
That's fine but last night they were missing one part: Johnsson. If you are claiming that the loss of Kim Johnsson is so crucial that the team is going to go 1-7 on the power play, you're commenting quite powerfully on the real state of the Flyers' PP.
Read the above post, Johnsson is not included: Forsberg, Gagne, Pitkanen and Desjardins are the big 4.

Originally Posted by dedalus
We agree and the PK is what killed the Flyers last night, and the PK is what I was referencing because the PK is what must work to correct bad officiating.
The PK needs to be better, no doubt about that, but this holier than thou "officiating never decides games ... and good teams overcome erros" isn't accurate.

Officials do at times decide games. Not often mind you, but it does happen. Could the Flyers have still won despite tha poor officiating? Certainly, but that doesn't excuse the incompetent work.

Last nights game by the two officials was a joke.

T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 03:50 - Tripping
PHI, P. NEDVED, 04:21 - Tripping
PHI, D. BRASHEAR, 07:10 - Hooking
PHI, S. GAGNE, 10:16 - Delaying Game-Puck over glass
PHI, D. HATCHER, 10:49 - Roughing

T.B, E. ARTYUKHIN, 03:18 - Slashing
T.B, V. PROSPAL, 06:32 - Cross check
PHI, E. DESJARDINS, 12:00 - Tripping
T.B, F. MODIN, 12:16 - Hooking

PHI, P. FORSBERG, 00:24 - Hooking
PHI, D. HATCHER, 00:49 - Boarding (maj)
PHI, D. HATCHER, 00:49 - Game misconduct

T.B, P. KUBINA, 00:49 - Roughing
T.B, D. BOYLE, 06:41 - Tripping
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 08:30 - Tripping
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 18:17 - Instigator
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 18:17 - Fighting (maj)
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 18:17 - Misconduct (10 min)
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 18:17 - Game misconduct

All the bolded calls were a joke, not to mention the calls that were missed:

Gauthier trip in the 2nd period.
Gauther should have received 5 for fighting at the end, and possibly 2 for roughing as well.

Craig should have had 2 for roughing after the Hatcher/Richards incident.
Kubina should have been a 5 miute major for butt-ending, instead of the 2 minutes.

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