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03-18-2006, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
Are you disputing the fact that 90 seconds of a 5-on-3 isn't infinitely more valuable than 90 seconds of a 5-on-4 ???
I'm disputing your statement that a 90 second 5-3 is equivalent to 5 minutes of 5-4. Surely it's not too much to ask you to bring something to that comparison. Otherwise you're, you know, pulling numbers out of your *** in an attempt to make a point. (Please note, using "infinitely" really doesn't bring anything to the table in the way of supporting your claim.)

Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
Read the above post, Johnsson is not included: Forsberg, Gagne, Pitkanen and Desjardins are the big 4.
Please clarify this. Or you could poijt me to the 16 games about which you're writing and I'll do the research myself.

Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
The PK needs to be better, no doubt about that
Thank you.

Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
but this holier than thou "officiating never decides games ... and good teams overcome erros" isn't accurate.
You'll need to please quote where I made my statement absolute by using "never." Officiating does sometimes decide games; last night was not one of them ... unless a fan CHOOSES to make it the decisive element.

Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
Last nights game by the two officials was a joke.

T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 03:50 - Tripping
PHI, P. NEDVED, 04:21 - Tripping
PHI, D. BRASHEAR, 07:10 - Hooking
PHI, S. GAGNE, 10:16 - Delaying Game-Puck over glass
PHI, D. HATCHER, 10:49 - Roughing

T.B, E. ARTYUKHIN, 03:18 - Slashing
T.B, V. PROSPAL, 06:32 - Cross check
PHI, E. DESJARDINS, 12:00 - Tripping
T.B, F. MODIN, 12:16 - Hooking

PHI, P. FORSBERG, 00:24 - Hooking
PHI, D. HATCHER, 00:49 - Boarding (maj)
PHI, D. HATCHER, 00:49 - Game misconduct

T.B, P. KUBINA, 00:49 - Roughing
T.B, D. BOYLE, 06:41 - Tripping
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 08:30 - Tripping
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 18:17 - Instigator
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 18:17 - Fighting (maj)
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 18:17 - Misconduct (10 min)
T.B, V. LECAVALIER, 18:17 - Game misconduct

All the bolded calls were a joke, not to mention the calls that were missed:
Thanks for the breakdown, but given that I've already written that the officiating was poor, what's your point?

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