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New to HF Boards here. I've always wanted to play hockey but as a kid I was pushed into soccer and eventually lacrosse. I've always been embarrassed and sulked in the fact that hockey is my favorite sport but I've never actually been on the ice a day in my life. I decided to stop being such a wuss about it and made that first step in buying a pair of skates. After a lot of research and comparing options and my budget I went ahead and got a pair of Bauer Vapor X1.0's yesterday and for the first time ever stepped onto the ice today! (after watching the Flyers and Phantoms practice on the very same surface... how humbling!)

I've roller bladed a few times when I was younger, maybe 8-12 years ago, but haven't touched skates since. Well the first hour I was able to stay on two foot mostly in one direction. I was able to manage doing a few laps in the first 1/2 hour or so. I decided that I'd put my faith in the fact that I'm just naturally an athlete and have had roller skated before, and "just do the damn thing" by the time the 2 hour session was over I was doing rather quick and comfortable figure 8's in both directions around the face-off circles at one end. I was stunned. One of the older gentlemen on the ice said I was doing well and to keep it up which gave me a great sense of confidence to not give up when I fell down a few times.

I can't stop or go backwards yet, but hell I had a blast. I've officially caught the bug and can not wait to get out there again. Thank you to everyone that's been posting their stories and progression on here because it was all of you that finally convinced me that it's never too late to do what I love. I know I'll never be a pro, but I can certainly have just as much fun as them.

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