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Originally Posted by Vikke View Post
Yeah, and prior to that game he's been their best forward. Every single player in the NHL has bad games.

I don't get the Radulov hate at all and I'm so sick of it.
I don't care how many points you get, when you smash your stick over the net after every goal against you're a big ****** who needs to learn some sportsmanship.

Among that, he also apparently needs to learn how to be a teammate.

How can you be sick of all the hate when its warranted?

- He ditched his team with a year left on contract
- Came back when he decided he wanted to, didn't even tell the team he was, they wouldn't comment on it other then "if he shows up at the door, great"
- He smashes his stick after goals against
- He stays out until 4 am on a game night and subsequently plays like ****.

What part of that screams good guy, team player to you?

Back to the topic, Chris Lee can Suck it!

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