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05-01-2012, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by VFL615 View Post
Who cares about the distance between two cities in Arizona. The fact is two players that we got basically for the playoffs are not serious about winning in Nashville. If i was Trotz i would have a very hard decision to make on whether they ever play in another game with the Predators. We won a lot of games this year without them.
Man this thing is just getting further off the tracks. Go ahead and call this week the new biggest week in franchise history. Sucks to be Trotz and Poile right now. I know AK and Rads are grown men but where was the leadership of Weber, Suter, and Fisher?
WTF, do you think everyone on the team runs their plans by everyone else? Like Rads and AK are going to ask the leadership's permission? Yeah right. If I want to go out drinking and I have a few friends who don't drink, I'm probably not going to invite them or say anything about it...I'm just gonna go out with my drinking friends and get my fun on. And what would you have Weber, Suter and Fisher do...lock Rads and AK in their rooms? Even if they had told them about it beforehand, not much can be done about it except expressing your disapproval.

I am curious though what Weber and Suter think about this. They were close to Rads when he was here the first time, and Weber has said he spoke with Rads while he was in the KHL, trying to convince him to come back here. Now here he is, and he's acting like a toolbag. To be a fly in the wall in that locker room...

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