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05-01-2012, 04:21 PM
"McDavid show"Oct/15
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Originally Posted by abootzky View Post
This quote about Friday's Fraser/Jerome debacle got me thinking. Having listened to the TEAM every day of its existence (except for 4 weeks of out-of-town summer vacations in 2010 & '11), what was the worst show in the history of the station? Here's some candidates in no particular order:

-Of the many lowlights of Kyle Chase's run on the morning show, the worst came the day that a caller slagged Sidney Crosby followed by Chase losing it with a lot of screaming and swearing.
-Bob MacKenzie on with Bryn & Jake speculating about possible Oilers coaching candidates. Jake's repeated/unceasing contribution? "Scotty Bowman! Scotty Bowman! Scotty Bowman!..."
-Speaking of Scotty Bowman, former evening host Tony Fiorillo (still the TEAM's all-time worst) had him on the phone as a guest once. Even Scotty was taken aback by the embarrassing amount of gushing and sucking up that Fiorillo was doing.
-An Eskimos post-game call-in show where an obviously unprepared Ron Rimer let an even-more-obviously drunk Vance in L.A. ramble on for 15 minutes or so followed by a commercial break followed by Adil rambling on for who-knows-how-long? (I turned off my radio.)
-The trade deadline day when the Oilers made a rare early morning deal (Tommy Salo for Tom Gilbert). Instead of doing any follow-up on the newest Oiler aside from a glance at Hockey Db, Jake & Rimer spent a couple of segments discussing if his last name should be pronounced 'gil-bert' or 'zyil-bear'.
-Shortly after the long-overdue firing of Danny Maciocia by the Eskimos, Gene Principe (subbing for Gregor) strongly admonished Esks fans for their unfair treatment of his fellow Ital-Canadian. Actually Gene's whole run on Gregor's show was pretty awful.
-A string of shows when Corey Graham first replaced Gregor on the 9 to midnight show. Various callers took to swearing on the air after discovering that the TEAM was possibly the only station in North America that invited call-ins but had no tape delay.
-The callerless/topicless mess of a show that ran briefly on weeknights between midnight and 2 am hosted by Graham (I think), another guy and a super-annoying girl.
-Jim Jerome's awkward/forced/unfunny performance on last Friday's morning show deserves mention especially considering how much sports talk radio experience Jerome gained as morning co-host on Ottawa's version of the TEAM. Hopefully the podcast's not available.
good list

I started listening in '04 (ironically during the Flames PO run) and I'm not sure how Bryn and Jake lasted so long

Bryn seems like a nice guy, but man is he wishy-washy and knows very little about anything...ZERO opinion, pissed me off

Jake should've stuck to the Bear....brutal co-host and literally knew NOTHING about, ziltch, nadda
and he wasn't funny

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