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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
Except for the fact that Zach might leave, our goaltender situation is in flux and we're in a brutal division...and by then we won't have a choice.

If we don't make the playoffs next year, the pick would absolutely be lower. If we do make the playoffs, it'd take winning two rounds to ensure it'd be much higher anyway. Giving up 18 or 19 (the way it looks like it would be heading) doesn't seem so bad when next year could easily be a top ten, unfortunately - and not very likely to be much higher than what it is now. Imagine how nuts we'd be if we 'had' to give up the pick last year and miss out on Larsson?

Of course winning one more round ends the discussion...but a lot of work to do on that.
Playing the IF games sets you up for, what if the team wins the division in 2014 and win a round? That automatically makes that pick worse. What about if they win the division in 2013 and lose in 5 next year? Still forfeit that one of this one.

I just don't see that as the right approach. If they like the talent mix around the 20 spot, hopefully later if we win a round which we are only down 0-1 in btw, I suspect they keep it. If it looks like a meh situation then they'll dump it and look for a trade in the draft to move up in the 2nd.

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