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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
easier, yes, if the sole objective is to extricate Gomez/Kaberle from the lineup...

but as I see it, the roster we currently have is 1 top-6 fwd & 1 top-4 dman away from being a pretty solid contender.

very few opportunities to land those 2 pieces via UFA this year (Parise/Suter would do it, but that's a pipe dream), and trying to fill those roles with the rest of the UFA crop will lead to more Spacek/Kaberle type deals... long-term, high-price for players unlikely to deliver.

trading to fill those holes would cost us far too much in assets.

the 4 Toronto players don't fill the top-6/top-4 roles, but they do potentially give us the kind of quality depth that would be equally effective AND (most importantly), it's only a 1-year "trial".

if it fails, you have 3 pieces that could potentially land you a few decent picks at the deadline, and you have 1 contract to eat/bury as opposed to 2.

as for helping T.O... if they go the buy-out route plain and simple, then their roster is not improved, and it doesn't really affect their UFA strategy, b/c if they have any shot at Suter/Parise, they'll go after them (and bury who they need to) regarldess.
If they keep Gomez/Kaberle on the roster, then that's only a benefit to us b/c we get to play Gomez/Kaberle 6x year.

the 2nd year, the difference in cap/$$ is a nice benefit to us.
Still works out to taking crap players with bad contracts, puts us in a worse situation not a better one. If we have holes to fill and cap room take a flier on somebody on a 1 year deal or two at most.

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