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11-22-2003, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
After 6 years of no playoffs and 5 head coaches maybe the problem isn't necessarily behind the bench but the menatality this team is built with.

People talk about sather being genious but it doesnt take one to figure out that the way he won a cup in edmonton is 180 degrees different then the way he is trying in ny.

Maybe the answer isnt in a coach but rather a foundation of youth and depth, something this team hasnt had since the early 90's when smith came in and said "this is what we need to do".

McGill would be a good coach, if the rangers were willing to rebuild but they aren't so it is a mute point. in fact even talking about success or turnarounds is a mute point until this team changes it's mentality. to argue it any other way makes no sense. it's all lip service and a dellusion to make this horrible organization not seem so bad.

You wanna know when we'll win like everyone wants? When they realize they need to change the way they do business? when will that be? when people stop buying tickets and rooting in blind faith with ultimate optimism like a ******** mutt that keeps coming back no matter how many times you kick it in the face.

Ultimately the fans are going to be the ones who make a difference. When they stop buying tickets, when merchandise sales go down the tubes, when the rangers become a "tough" sell is when cablevision will make changes. until then, like any company, you don't fix a bad product if people are stupid enough to buy it.

That includes people's unwarranted optimism and throwing dollars down on this team only to insult them like the losing effort was such a shock.

Wanna know when this team will change? When people wake the ---- up!
That's already happened. There are no lines to get tickets anymore in Sept (when all the tickets for the WHOLE season used to be sold out the same day they went on sale), there are no waits to get seasons--whereas there used to be a wait of over 4 years, there are mini-plans, micro-plans, holiday packs and (my personal favorite) family packs that include hotdogs and soda for everyone. The ratings on MSG have sunk to the point where it feels like the only people watching are posters from this board (it's under 60,000 a game last I saw) and ad time is almost impossible to sell now that isn't bundled with Yankee ads (they used to sell Ranger ads in packages with Yankee ads, couldn't get air time during a Yankee game without taking the Ranger game too).

They've also fired a lot of concession stand people--the lines are horrible this year, even though the place is rarely sold out. The food is worse than usual and there are no longer any ushers at the 300 and 400 level gates--they got rid of over 2/3 of them this season.

It's pretty obvious that Cablevision is losing money on hockey and has been for several years now. And even worse, there is no interest, much less passion for hockey anywhere in New York. Wear a Ranger hat these days and people pity you for your loyality.

But, James Dolan is completely cut off from anyone who will tell him the truth about the Rangers. He was told that Sather is the best hockey mind around and there's no one out there he trusts who will tell him otherwise. He doesn't care about what the journalists think (who've been critical for years) and doesn't watch hockey closely enough to know that they are right.

I have no idea how it will ever change.

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