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Originally Posted by theFinn View Post
I just hope I'm not the first one that falls down..
Own it. I intentionally flopped on my stomach in front of everyone three strides off the bench Just to get it out of the way.

If you're like i was when i started (a few months ago) there's zero point in prolonging the inevitable. You're going to eat-*****. A lot, if you're trying hard enough. Sometimes it hurts enough that the last thing you need to go with your bruised hips and sore back is wounded pride.

Half of learning to skate is learning to love the tactile feedback of gravity. The first half of the journey to finding your ouside edge is a cold, hard trail that you dive into with your arms flailing and slide down on your rear end.

Embrace the reality of falling. Go out there and ditch yourself like a champ.

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