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05-01-2012, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
Yada Yada. This is what everyone says. Then an all-star team is made up of all stars from the domestic league who people can't resist cheering for. And tradition has to be built somehow, time to put away the old man mentality and build new traditions. All traditions have a beginning.
Just a question. Why do you think there is no european elite soccer league?

It would probably be a really great deal for those fans of Real Madrid or Manchester United - who would probably join this league then - because they would see the best of the best playing against each other year in year out.

But for fans like Athletico Madrid and Manchester City it would mean that their biggest rival would disappear. Also, the domestic leagues would lose a lot of stars with which they promote their league and the overall level of the game would significantly drop, because every top tier player would prefer to play in the elite league. It would be NHL-esque.

But to get back to hockey. The only thing i think why the KHL could work, is that guys like Ehrhoff or Streit could play for Berlin or Bern and would increase the interest among hockey fans for these teams because they are stars in their countries.

But in every other aspect the KHL is just another NHL that has less star power, less marketable teams, less revenue for owners and media, less tradition and established rivalries (between russian and non-russian teams) and less prestige that would bribe teams and especially players to play in.

And we all know how "healthy" the NHL is for national development. So every argument could be made, but not this one.

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