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03-18-2006, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by capn89
I agree. I'm almost already tired of the game. Another year of this and I may be done with it. I like scoring, yes, and skill players and pretty goals, but I also like the hard nosed, down and dirty, nitty gritty guys. They're being phased out so we can watch pansies on ice.

The NHL is on a slippery slope right now and it better not alienate its passionate fanbase. Winning cures everything and people will always follow a winner but there are too many games where the fans in attendance seem disinterested. Putting aside the Flyers for a moment, I am watching the Bruins-Carolina afternoon game and some of the calls levied are ridiculous. It is one thing when announcers are critical when calls go against their teams but it a different story when they criticize calls in their team's favor; I have heard that with the Bruins' announcers today (meaning critical of a penalty in Boston's favor), the same thing when Boston played the Islanders and a recent broadcast involving other teams. A call against Hal Gill (Justin Williams went down too easily) was nonsense, too. I understand the NHL wants to open the game up but there is a physical part of the game that is starting to become obsolete because players are too tentative. The rules committee will have a busy off-season.

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