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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Montreal has been living (and dying) with reactionary GMs and reactionary coaches.

And we see where we are now.......on the outside looking in.......and constantly complaining about how "Management has not developed the Timmins' draft picks".

Radulov did not commit a crime. He is guilty of poor judgement. For him, this is a teachable moment.

I hope that the Preds sour on him forever. I hope that the biggest majority of the GMs sour on him as well. I would love to have Radulov on this team with a coach who understands how to push players' buttons to get them to excel.

Sergei was the practitioner of poor judgement (or so we were told). And now look at him.

The "Montreal nightlife" is an overused cop-out. There is nightlife in every NHL city........maybe not to YOUR liking but it is there none-the-less.

Again, Radulov did not commit a crime. I want to see him in a Habs sweater next year.
It is a crime if you are a fan paying $200 bucks to watch a guy that's out partying at 4am the night before a playoff game.

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